Save a Life By Knowing These Essential First Aid Skills

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There was a time when we thought that mommy’s hugs and kisses are enough to heal all our wounds and end our pain.

But as we grow older, we begin to realize that there are certain things that mommy just can’t cure with her tender loving care. Cutting your finger, skin burns or falling down a few stairs, for instance, warrant skills that go beyond kisses.

Learning the basics of first aid can help save lives and as we start our own family, we come to understand that part of becoming good parents is to prepare for emergencies that can mean the difference between life and death.

Here is a look at 5 common health emergencies that everyone should train for.

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Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death especially for adults and in this kind of situation, every minute counts because each second lost can lead to permanent brain damage or worse, death. When a person goes into cardiac arrest, their heart loses its function and though this condition may be triggered by a number of factors, there is, however, only one solution to pumping the heart back to life and that is through CPR.



Anaphylaxis is triggered by a person’s intense aversion to certain food or substances such as medications, seafood, or peanuts. Commonly termed as allergies, anaphylaxis goes beyond the simple rashes but can escalate into far more serious conditions that when left untreated can lead to death. If you or any of your loved ones have a history of this problem, it is best to master the right techniques to administering an epi-pen to immediately bring relief from anaphylaxis.



Getting a huge chunk of meat lodged in our throat is not just embarrassing, it’s also life threatening. Whenever you see someone gasping for air or holding onto their throat, it may be time to pull out the Heimlich Maneuver. While it may sound very intimidating, this is a first aid skill that we have seen performed many times on the big and small screen. It is your best line of defense to stop choking and prevent a person’s airways from being blocked.



In performing first aid for someone who is bleeding profusely, there are two critical steps that you need to remember, that of (1) pressure and (2) elevation. While we do understand that seeing someone soaking in their own blood can instantly bring you to a panic, always keep in mind that the only way you can help at this instance is to stay calm and focused. By applying pressure to the wound and keeping the affected area elevated, you can help stop the bleeding.


Heat Stroke

As they say, too much of something is never good and the same holds true when it comes to heat. The past few years have recorded some of the highest temperatures around the country, which can lead to heatstroke.  When stepping out into the scorching sun, make sure to always carry along a bottle of water to ward off the immense heat. When you start to feel nauseous and confused, immediately find a shaded spot where you can sit and call for help.

The need to save lives can come to us from anywhere at any time which is why it is vital that you hone the skills necessary to perform these first aid musts.

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Author: Mary Thompson

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