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Using PEMF Devices to Heal a Health Condition

Reading customer reviews on pulse electromagnetic field technology can be very confusing for those who are thinking of purchasing a device for the first time. On one side, some users claim they miraculously healed after a few sessions with their PEMF device. On the other hand, some customers declare they were completely disappointed with the device and claimed they did not work.

Both critics and supporters are right, as the results from using the PEMF device ultimately depend on the body’s healing rate. You should understand that the pulse electromagnetic field therapy is not medication and therefore, it will not numb your body or induce a euphoric mood. In fact, the PEMF devices are created with the purpose of reducing medication use and promoting the natural healing process of your body. Following are the factors that influence the duration of healing with PEMF devices.





The Level of Damage

I’m sure that you would love waking up the next morning after the pulse electromagnetic field therapy and resuming your normal activity. However, you should understand that it is not always possible especially when different tissues have been damaged. Essentially, the severity of an injury from the clinician employing PEMF therapy is determined by its implications on 4 levels:

  • Energetic level – when the patient feels a nonspecific level of discomfort (the start of a common cold)
  • Physiologic level – the symptoms of the condition are becoming more specific (fever, coughing, sore throat)
  • Pathophysiologic level – the initial condition has evolved and presents certain complications (bronchitis, pneumonia)
  • Pathologic level – the illness has caused significant damage to a tissue or cellular level (lung failure)

As many PEMF specialists have noted, the energetic level is the most responsive one to the pulse electromagnetic therapy, providing results sometimes in a matter of minutes. Damage at the physiological and pathophysiological levels will take longer to treat, varying from a few days to a few weeks. Once a condition reaches the pathologic level, then the results become unpredictable and sometimes it can take years before you see any sign of improvement.


The Damaged Tissue

The cells are working around the clock to ensure the optimal functionality of the body and, although we don’t notice it, we have completely new health levels in our bodies about once every 7 years. Despite the fact that the body is constantly regenerating, some tissues do it at a faster pace than others: while the muscular and skin cells need up to 3 weeks, bones sometimes need 7 years for a full recovery.

Considering that a large percentage of the conditions treated with congested earinvolves damage at the musculoskeletal tissue, it is perfectly understandable why it can take longer to heal. You simply cannot force the tissues to regenerate themselves beyond their capacities, at least not with the current technology.





Frequency of Use

The frequency of usage for the PEMF device depends on the tissue, level of damage and the machine you are utilizing. Nonetheless, the common recommendations are that such devices should be used three times per day in sessions of thirty minutes. In the eventuality that this is not possible, try to stick to at least one 30-minute treatment session per day.


Duration of Use

As I mentioned before, you should use the pulse electromagnetic field device for as long as it takes. It is necessary to highlight the fact that just because some of the symptoms are gone, that does not entail that the healing process is over as well. Therefore, because healing can take longer than the symptom reduction, it is best to consult with your physician and avoid chronic conditions.


Adequate Placement of the PEMF Devices

The PEMFs should always be placed on the area where you feel discomfort or pain. In case you are unable to specify the exact location of the pain or discomfort, then it is advisable to place the applicators on the zone where you think you feel them more intense. In either cases, the brain will pick up the signals and respond accordingly.


Other factors

In addition to the extent of the damage, the actual tissue affected and proper usage of the pulse electromagnetic devices, there are several other factors that influence the healing rate:

  • Ensure you have a suitable nutritional support
  • Getting extra support via medication
  • Suffering from electrohypersensitivity
  • Psychological issues
  • Using the proper device

The use of a PEMF device can be a legitimate home remedy, especially if used along side other natural remedies.

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Author: Mary Thompson

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  1. IMRS is simply too expensive. I have been using the Earthpulse Sleep on Command device from a couple of years and i feel it is even better than IMRS functionally.

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