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Home Remedies to Lose Weight – Tips and Tricks
December 14, 2013 Weight Loss

This article has some awesome home remedies and helpful tips to lose weight. You may have seen and read many different information on weight loss diets and plans before and nothing seems to work, right? Well, hopefully after reading this post you may feel better about your chances as this looks at the whole thing a little differently than most and it might just be the thing that works for you.


showing how big her old jeans are after losing weight


Losing weight is one of the biggest problems plaguing individuals of today. Due to the comforts being brought by technology, people are finding it harder and harder to get off their couches or get out of their homes. Not only does being over weight make you miserable, it can also lead to health problems like constipation, diarrhea after eating and more serious conditions.

We all need some form of physical activity so that our calories don’t pile up. Likewise, it is also essential so that we keep ourselves healthy. Also, losing weight is not a one-time thing. Once we have lost weight, the challenge is to keep that weight. This can be accomplished by strict diets or workout routines that span the entire week. Once we have a routine that we enjoy, losing or maintaining our weight will become second nature.

Before opting for home remedies for losing weight, it is important to know the cause behind it. This is the only way to ensure that you are successful in your endeavor.

Your obesity makes you look unattractive and also causes a lot of health problems. The reasons behind obesity can be over eating, laziness, consuming too much of junk food, including too much of fat in diet, besides erratic timings of meals. This can be due to your busy schedules that does not let you have time to eat a balanced diet. Also, this may not let you go for work outs leading to being overweight.


Weight Loss Motivation


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Losing weight can be safe as long as you put nutrition first and calorie counting second. Safe dieting does not necessarily have to be slow or challenging. However, in order to achieve your weight loss goals, you need to change the way you think about diet, food and your current lifestyle.

You need to take weight loss seriously and stay motivated. It would be unrealistic to expect your whole lifestyle to change overnight and if you are not prepared you will ultimately set yourself up for failure. You need to take small, gradual steps and get used to a healthy change before you can proceed to the next step.

When you are planning to lose weight, your body will still need the same essential nutrients, but without the excess calorie expenditure, so try to begin with switching to healthier snacks and side dishes for example instead of switching to a complete new menu to begin with. With small steps it will be easier to stay motivated as you begin to see gradual weight loss.



Home Remedies

Here are some tips and tricks for those who are planning to lose weight.


  • Do Not Eliminate a Food Group – Maintaining a healthy weight does not mean you have to exclude your favorite treats from your menu. A healthy diet includes all food groups in moderation. If you love chocolate for example and you completely exclude it from your diet, you will be more likely to fail.High calorie foods, such as chocolate or cakes should, not be eaten on a daily basis, however, treating yourself occasionally will not cause you any harm or make you fail. All types for foods should be eaten in moderation and it is also important to pay particular attention to serving sizes.


Healthy salmon plate home remedy to lose weight

Healthy salmon plate


  • Eat Salmon – In the nutrition area, finding good food that is low in calories can be tough. One of the best foods to get started with is salmon. Although it is hard to cook, it is great for people who are planning to lose weight. If you are short on time, canned salmon will do. Just get one from your local store.
  • Bring Your Own Food– One of the worst things that could happen during a diet is that you get distracted. This usually occurs when you are traveling. As such, it pays to bring your own food and water whenever you are traveling. Pack your own crackers, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, condiments and of course, your beverage of choice. The advantage of this is that you are avoiding the temptation of entering fast food joints and diners. Aside from saving you from calories, you also get to save on time and money.
  • Wait a Minute – People who go on diets usually feel hunger pangs. The problem with this is that it is usually not what it is. Sometimes, it is simply our boredom acting up. Whenever you feel hungry, wait for fifteen to twenty minutes and see if it still remains. You can drink water while waiting. If the hunger disappears, it wasn’t really a hunger pang.
  • Talk – When you are on a date or are enjoying family time, it is best to engage in conversation. Staying silent is a waste of time as you are not socializing with one another. On the fitness side, talking helps the digestion process and also takes your mind off eating. As we all know, doing nothing is best complemented by eating. When we are distracted by a decent conversation, we often forget about eating. This is a great weight loss trick to remember.
  • Do it Together – Get your family in on the diet. If more than one person is at risk of obesity, try losing weight together. This will help you be more motivated as there is another person on board. Plus, you two can have a friendly competition with one another to see who loses weight faster. This not only adds motivation but also adds a little sport in the activity. If there is no family member who is available, you must surely have a friend who also needs to lose weight.
  • Lemon and Honey – Each day you must mix 3 tbsp of lemon juice along with 2 tbsp honey to a glassful of lukewarm water. Mix and drink it on an empty stomach. You can have 2 glasses of this type of juice each day in order to get better results. There are many medicinal benefits of consuming honey as well as lemon that aid in losing weight and have multiple health benefits too. Rather than lemon juice, you can add 2 tbsp ginger juice instead to this mixture. This warm mixture of ginger along with honey helps in cutting out the excess fats in the body and aids in weight loss.


papaya fruit for weight loss

  • Papaya – Having papaya in the morning on an empty stomach helps in losing weight. In addition, papaya has lots of vitamins too and helps to keep your body healthy and helps in over coming gastric problems. Eating papaya is a great weight loss remedy.
  • Rest Enough Every Day – Stress or emotional tension can seriously affect a person’s energy levels. When people are under pressure or they don’t sleep enough, they are more likely to drink or comfort-eat. When energy levels are low, the body will crave for high energy comfort foods, such as chocolate, chips, cakes or other foods, which are high in sugar or fat. Sleeping enough and finding time to unwind daily is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. One should not underestimate the importance of sleep. This is also an important component to keep yourself motivated throughout the weight loss plan.
  • Don’t Sleep Immediately After Eating – You should not go to bed pretty soon after having a meal. Sit for some time after your midday meal and go for a small walk in the evening time after having your meal. Following these simple home remedies for weight loss is easy and will make an impact almost straight away.
  • Avoid Sugar – You must avoid sugar as much as possible. So you need to avoid adding it to your tea, coffee and milk. This way you would also be have that occasional piece of cake or pudding. Avoid processed foods as they contain a lot of fats. Rather than ice-cream for dessert, opt for fresh fruits. Opt for green salad in your meals. Avoid dressings of any kind as they contain a lot of fats. Of course this is one of the home remedies for losing weight that is in pretty much every method ever designed, however as mentioned earlier don’t completely take it off the menu, but for goodness sake be mindful! it is a real important one so take it seriously.
  • Do Not Miss Your 5 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and make the most significant contribution to your vitamin A, B, C and K needs, not to mention the fact that they are high in fiber and low in calories. Fruits and vegetables can take the place of unhealthy snacks, providing you with energy and allowing you to safely lose weight.
  • Physical Exercise is a Must – It remains as the best home remedy for losing weight. You must allot some time to do simple ground exercises. You can do these in morning, evening or even late at night as it suits you. You may opt for jogging, cycling, swimming or any other sport you are interested in. Do these on a regular basis. You must change your form of physical activity in order to exercise different muscles.
  • Make yourself Move – In case you do not have time for pursuing any physical activity, then you can incorporate physical activity in your daily lifestyle. Avoid taking the elevator. Use stairs instead. Stand as much as possible. Do take a round of the office after every few hours. Walk to the water station when you are thirsty. Park your car far from the office so that you need to walk in order to reach it.
  • Never Skip a Meal – By skipping a meal you may think you have missed out on some calories, but the truth is, you will not do any justice to your body in the long run. Skipping meals will significantly reduce your energy levels, which will affect your mood and so you will be more likely to overeat or make unhealthy food choices later on in the day. It can also lead to complications such as nausea after eating.
  • Always Have Your Meals on Time – Have your breakfast daily. This is one meal that will take you through the rest of the day. Keep some time aside for having a hearty and wholesome breakfast. In case you miss out on your breakfast, a heavier lunch or dinner will be consumed that will make you gain weight.


orange splashing into water

  • Take A Lot of Fluids – Have a lot of fluids including fruit juice, water, milk rather than junk food. You must drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This might seem hard to do and you have probably heard it numerous times before however it is one of the most effective home remedies for losing weight ever.
  • Avoid Strict Dieting – Rather than going on a dieting regime for losing weight, you must opt for home remedies for losing weight. Dieting can lead to a lot of healthy problems. Also, it can lead to weakness and even illnesses. Thus it is advisable to lose weight on a slow basis.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks – It is ideal to have smaller meals of nutritious food at regular intervals for losing weight. Have a few nuts as snacks rather than any fried items.



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Taking These Weight Loss Tips Seriously

If you are obese and wish to lose your excess body weight in a natural way, then you can try out a combination of a few of these home remedies for losing weight mentioned above, and be in a better body shape sooner than you might think. These are real weight loss remedies and should be adhered to strictly.


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