6 Helpful and Natural Ways to Ward Off Mosquitoes




With outdoor activities like picnics, backyard gatherings and camping becoming frequent this time of the year, it’s a good idea to keep yourself protected from possible mosquito bites.

The biggest concern for a lot of people is how itchy and uncomfortable the bites are. But the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States stresses that mosquitoes are also carriers of a lot of diseases, such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis and the West Nile virus.

Being mindful and conscious of our environment can help prevent nasty attacks that bring these deadly diseases.

Avoid going outdoors at dusk or dawn.

Mosquitoes are present at anytime, but they are most active during early mornings and early evenings. These hours are considered the peak hours of when they bite. If you can avoid going out, then do so. But if you need to be outdoors, such as when you have to go jogging, be sure to dress appropriately and keep yourself protected with a mosquito repellant.


Cover up and dress in light colors.

Mosquitoes bite on any skin that is exposed. In the summer months, it’s more comfortable to be in shorts and tank tops all day. But if you have to be outdoors, especially at night, having a light shawl or cloth to cover yourself with would be helpful. Those lightly colored, loose fitting cotton pants are also a good idea.


Keep the backyard clean.

Make sure that garbage bins have their lids secure. If you have a backyard pool, regular maintenance is necessary. Roof gutters need to also be unclogged. Standing water is a mosquito’s breeding ground, so check watering cans, drains, empty pots and planters for puddles. Cover these days before a backyard party or picnic, if possible. Additionally, cut the grass in the backyard since adult mosquitoes can hide in these.  Take out any plastic sheeting present in the backyard, as this can also be livable to a mosquito.


Make your deck more pleasant by adding fans, lights or candles

If you have a deck, a patio or a porch, keep mosquitoes off by adding electric fans. According to Science Times, mosquitoes can’t fly well when there are fans breezing, because their bodies are too tiny and weak for these. Having bug lights on at night will also help. They work better at warding off mosquitoes than incandescent white lights. Even candles work well against mosquitoes and it doesn’t necessarily have to be citronella candles, as any type will do. It’s the smoke that will keep them off your personal space.


Protect yourself with repellants.

There are generally a lot of insect-repellant-lotions and sprays in the market and you can put these on before you head outdoors, or keep handy a small bottle with you inside your bag at all times.  But you can also protect your skin using natural oils made from lemon and eucalyptus. Be careful with applying any of these, including natural repellents, on children though, as it can be harmful to their young skin.


Special Herbal Gel for Insect Bites





These tips can also be helpful for other pest problems such as how to get rid of lice or even getting rid of fleas. Proper care, maintenance and preparedness are some of the most effective prevention methods against any type of sickness. The same applies to frequent yeast infection problems and for more information on its cure and prevention, check out www.yeastinfectionadviser. com.



Author: Mary Thompson

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