What to Do When Stung by a Bee – Bee Sting Treatment

stung by a bee - swollen lip

stung by a bee – swollen lip


Are You Allergic to Bee Stings?

The first thing to consider when someone is stung by a bee is to check for intense allergic reactions.

Some people, most especially children, are very sensitive to bee venom. These individuals can suffer from anaphylactic shock, which may lead to death, if they are not given emergency treatments.

Some Vital Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

  • Difficulty breathing: Swelling of the face can mean that other body parts are also swollen. It is dangerous when the mouth and the respiratory tract become too swollen or distended to let air in as this compromises a person’s ability to breathe. Be watchful of wheezing and inability to swallow.
  • Drop in blood pressure: It can be difficult for a person without a medical background to check the blood pressure of a person stung by a bee. But two signs that indicate a drop in BP are dizziness and unconsciousness. Check for rapid but weak pulse as well.
  • Hives: Look for rashes that appear in other areas apart from where a person was stung. These rashes are red and very itchy.


People who react strongly to bee stings should be taken to a hospital immediately. They should receive emergency care to avoid grave complications.


What to Do When Stung by a Bee

For those who are only mildly allergic to bee stings, they will experience the following on the sting site: redness, itching, slight swelling, warmth, and pain. There are basically 3 things that need to be done after being stung by a bee.





  • Remove the stinger: A lot of people ask if a bee has venom. Yes, they do. Their stingers have venom, which is why it’s best to remove the stinger as soon as possible. Try to pull the stinger out with your fingers or use tweezers. However, do not squeeze the area because the stinger will discharge more venom. If the stinger breaks or if you can’t successfully pull it out, then the best thing to do is to gently scrape it off. Use something firm and flat, like the tip of your fingernail, a dull knife or anything with a smooth and even edge.
  • Wash sting site with mild soap and water: Like any type of open wound, the injured area must be kept clean to avoid infection. Use a mild detergent and tenderly wash the site. Rinse with running water.
  • Give the right dose of medicine: Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are often given to relieve pain. Always be very careful when administering medication to a child. Give the right dose and keep in mind specific safety precautions regarding medicine use. For instance, ibuprofen is not recommended for babies younger than 6 months as this is a pretty strong medicine which can mask other symptoms. Also, the FDA has not approved ibuprofen use for infants yet. Furthermore, parents should always remember that dosage is not based on a child’s age, but rather on his weight. Hence, call or see your doctor first before administering medication to children.


The article is by Claire Clarke. She is an experienced blogger who specializes in pest control issues. She writes for several online pest control companies, including InsightPest.com.


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Author: Claire Clarke

Claire is an experienced blogger who specializes in pest control issues. She writes for several online pest control companies, including InsightPest.com.

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