5 Natural Mood Boosters


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Waking up in the morning with a bad mood is certainly not the best way to start your day. Some people do feel cranky in the morning and continue to have this feeling all throughout the day. As a result, their day automatically becomes a mixture of negative things from having conflicts with their office mates to not being able to meet deadlines.

These are just few of the consequences that you will be able to encounter if you do not make any attempts to lift your spirits up whenever you are not in the mood. Don’t worry; you do not have to spend a single cent just to be able to shift your bad mood into something good and great.




The following is a list of natural (and free) ways to boost your mood:


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Whenever you think about boosting your mood, exercise should be on top of your list. It does not matter where and what you do for as long as you are moving your body. You may start your day with an early morning brisk walking, jogging or spending a few hours at the gym. It is when you exercise that your body becomes capable of producing those feel-good hormones to make it all such a great day for you!



Many people do not feel good in the morning and prefer to leave their house with an empty stomach. They do their tasks in the office and wait for their lunch break before they could have their stomach filled up. This habit is definitely a surefire way to ruin your mood. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast, ditch those processed foods and go for organic and natural recipes. Whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables should be your ideal breakfast.



Prepare your upbeat music from your iPod or whatever gadget you prefer to use and listen to your favorite music. Just make sure it is the kind of music that will perk you up and not something that will only make you feel worse. Studies have shown that when a person listens to his favorite upbeat music the pleasure centers in the brain becomes more active making a person feel good.



Medical experts and health gurus are now starting to appreciate the benefits of yoga especially when it comes to boosting one’s mood. In fact, those people who are battling against stress, anxiety and depression are being advised to indulge in Yoga. The more you indulge in it, the better you become at improving your mood.



Sometimes not having a good mood is due to fatigue or some other physical discomfort that one experiences because of not having enough sleep. It is when a person sleeps that his brain will be able to defragment all the information in his brain, heal his damaged cells and recharge his energies. This just goes to say that sleep is not just one big mood lifter but it does wonders to make the person feel so good both physically and mentally. Sleep early so you will always wake up feeling so refreshed and in a perfect mood to start your day.

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Author: Ashlee Harsh

Ashlee is from HowMuchIsIt.org — A large resource that can help you find the costs of things.

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