Ringworm om child
Natural And Effective Home Remedies for Ringworm
April 1, 2015 Ringworm

Ringworm om child

Ringworm, also recognized as Tinea, is a fungal infection brought about by a particular group of fungal microorganisms referred to as the Dermatophytes. It is referred to as ringworm because clinically, it presents itself as a red ring on the scalp, feet, nails and any part the body where there is skin.

It’s a very contagious disease and any individual who comes into contact with somebody who is infected by ringworms can definitely catch it. This disease can remain on the skin of an infected individual 5-10 days since it prospers on moist and damp conditions.

There are several over-the-counter treatments for ringworm but given the many adverse side-effects that these medicines bring to some people, alternative measures have been sought out. Some medications commonly used to treat ringworms are antifungal pills and topical creams such as Lamisil, Diflucan, Sporanox, Tinactin, and Griseofulvin.

The ineffectiveness of these chemicals, and in some cases the skin-irritating side effects, have made them really unreliable, so the need to have a powerful home remedy has turned out to be a popular alternative over the years.

Following is a list of natural home remedies for ringworm you can use:

  • Make a paste out of mustard seeds and apply it onto the impacted areas
  • Unripe fruits like papaya, can also be rubbed onto the affected skin surface to alleviate the ringworm
  • Raw turmeric juice is an excellent ringworm suppressant. You can also take a single teaspoon of turmeric juice and mix it with an equal measure of honey to get a paste that you can easily apply.
  • One of the most powerful treatments is castor oil, and it is specifically powerful and effective for infected scalp areas
  • Combine raw fruit juices such as carrot juice and spinach juice
  • Use seeds of the herb butea superba and generate a paste with it by mixing it with lime juice
  • Dried papaya seeds can be grounded and made into a paste for better application of infected areas
  • Apply a light mudpack over the infected areas and leave it for half an hour. Do this procedure 2 times a day.
  • Make a paste out of cassia tree leaves that can be applied on the impacted skin


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All the organic treatments mentioned above are effective and very safe for your skin. If you have been suffering from a prolonged case of ringworm and would like to be set free from the irritating effects, then you should at least attempt three or four of these useful treatments and see which one works best for you.

Moreover, if you are at the moment suffering from ringworm, please refrain from drinking tea or coffee until the infection is gone. And also try not to use condiments such as, sugar, white flour products or eat

very spicy dishes, denatured cereals, and canned or bottled foods because these will only make your conditions worse. Do not be afraid to apply any of the above mentioned treatments to your infection so you can uncover which house remedy for ringworm is the most effective one for you.


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