The Athletes Foot Cures – Sure Ways to Cure This Painful Foot Fungus

chronic athlete's foot

chronic athlete’s foot

The athlete’s foot condition is one of the most common and annoying foot problems encountered by millions of people in the United States.

Aside from developing blisters on your feet, there is biting itching every few minutes of your work time. It is a fungal infection that is caused by the fungus tinea pedis, that often grows in the areas that are warm and moist.

Since feet remain in shoes for most of the time, this is the perfect place for this virus to develop. However do not fret as there are plenty of home remedies for athlete’s foot available.

The athletes’ foot condition is characterized by itching in feet that occurs mostly between the toes. People suffering from this condition find ten

derness and redness in the affected areas.

The affected skin can crack not only due to the scratching problem, but also due to this fungal infection which is very painful at times. When left untreated, the affected area can develop blisters and the toenails of affected person can become thick and yellowed.


Home Cures

There are several easy herbal and home remedies for the athlete’s foot disease. All you have to use are things that are easily available in your home. This will ensure that you wont suffer from discomfort or itch.

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  • Soak your Feet – You can solve athlete foot problem by using a warm water and salt solution. Juts rest your feet in this solution for some minutes and you will see good results within two days.
  • Tea – Boil some tea in water and soak your feet in this solution. Tea has tarric acid that helps in fighting fungal growth. It also relieves you of itch.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – You can apply some cider vinegar directly on the affected area and let it dry. Second way of using apple cider vinegar is to use equal quantities of water and apple cider vinegar and soak your feet in the solution for about ten minutes. You should repeat this for about three weeks and your athlete foot problem will subside and go away within this time period.
  • Brushes and Scrubs – Use clean brush and scrub the skin of your feet. This will rid you of some flaky skin and athlete foot problem will subside.
  • Use some Baking Soda – Apply some baking soda to the affected area by making a pasty solution by mixing it in water. You can also soak your feet in the solution of baking soda and water for about twenty minutes for few days to control and remove athlete foot problem.
  • Raw Garlic and Honey – The anti-fungal properties of these two create great home remedies that can control your athlete foot problem.
  • You can use natural skin soothing gels like aloe vera. It has amazing effect on athlete foot because of it natural anti-fungal properties. You should apply it for at least two times a day.
  • Finally, you can use some natural oils, such as tea tree oil and vitamin E for getting rid of the athlete’s foot problem. They are fantastic agents for controlling this fungus and may help in alleviating your athlete foot symptoms. The athlete’s foot problem is also resolved to a great extent because of the natural oils that can disinfect skin irritations and is one of the holistic remedies for athletes foot.


Special Herbal Remedy for Athlete’s Foot

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These ingredients are known to promote skin health and when applied to the feet offer comfort and calming help.

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