Home Remedies for Dry Eyes – Treatment And Lifestyle Changes

Finding home remedies that actually work without causing side effects for conditions like dry eyes is not easy as there are many old wives tales that are pure nonsense. Luckily for you, if you indeed do suffer from this condition, we have compiled a list of natural remedies for dry eyes that do work and work extremely well. Keep reading to learn all about this condition and follow the advice and tips provided to clear up your dry eyes naturally, effectively and safely.


dry eye condition - close up of dry eyes

dry eye condition


Easy To Follow Tips For Dry Eye Syndrome

Many people suffer from some form of dry eye symptoms. Whether this includes itching, burning or general irritation, changing certain lifestyle habits and getting the right treatment can make a tremendous difference to reduce the effects this frustrating and sometimes misunderstood condition can have on general quality of life.


If you’ve ever looked in the mirror, even after a good night’s sleep, and noticed your eyes regularly have the appearance of looking red or overly watery, then it may be time to visit a doctor or optician to determine the root cause of the problem, especially if it causes a certain amount of chronic irritation.

Dry or inflamed eyes are fairly common symptoms many in life will experience from time to time, and with the right treatment it can be easily managed. The causes of dry eye are not just a result of over-tiredness, but a primary cause is the eye not secreting enough tear drops for them to be regular washed free of harmful bacteria, due to reasons such as general aging or living in a dry and humid climate, while certain types of medication can also induce the symptoms of the condition.

Women tend to be more at risk of developing dry eye syndrome than men, although anyone with a long term history of smoking or wearing contact lenses is at risk of developing irritation problems.



Fortunately there are many ways to treat dry itchy eyes due to extensive research into a problem which affects millions. The use of readily available over-the-counter eye drops can ease mild symptoms quickly. These drops carry out the work the tear ducts are meant to, with preservative eye drops which can be used around four times a day, while non-preservative drops for more extreme cases can be used more regularly. We recommend a natural homeopathic eye cleaning solution called ConjunctaClearWash.

If dry eye is a particular problem at night, then certain ointments can be obtained from the chemist which cover the eye more thoroughly, but due to the ‘blurring’ nature of these they are not thought of as practical to use during the daytime.


Home Remedies

  • Fatty Acids; Ensure you are getting enough essential fatty acids in your diet. Fatty acids act like an internal lubricant to our body. They help keep our mucous membranes and synovial joint fluid hydrated. People with dry eyes are often deficient in essential fatty acids. Most of us do not consume enough fish and plant foods to meet the Omega 3 and Omega 6 daily requirements.
    Supplementation is an option. Excellent food sources include: mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, walnuts, palm oil, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, chia seeds, free-run eggs supplemented with Omega 3 fats.
  • Water Intake: Drink more water; 8 to 10 glasses a day. Dehydration is a major factor in dry eyes.
  • Warm Compress: Apply warm, clean compresses to your eyes throughout the day. This will help rehydrate the eye area and unblock any potentially plugged tear duct glands.
  • Potato: Make a red potato compress. Pierce it before heating it in the microwave for up to a minute. Wrap in a wet face cloth around the heated potato and place neatly in your eye socket while laying down. Very soothing, it keeps the wet cloth warm against your eye during the rehydration process.
  • Chamomile: Apply chamomile tea bags to tired and inflamed, dry and irritated eyes for soothing relief. Also helpful if pink eye or conjunctivitis occur. Prescription or over the counter drops may be necessary if the conjunctivitis has become severe.
  • Utilize Eye Protection: Wear eye protection such as sunglasses every day. Wind and sun exposure can easily dry out your eyes. Keep a pair in your car, in your purse and on you at all times. It’s especially important to don your shades during outdoor activities such as: ferry or boat rides, motorcycle trips, skiing, jogging, or visiting windy locations.
  • Wear Swimming Goggles: Wear goggles while swimming to protect your eyes from the drying effect of chlorine.
  • Use a Humidifier; Purchase a humidifier for your bedroom or have one installed on the furnace of your home. Keeping the air moisture rich will help your eyes feel relieved and refreshed. The dry air of the summer is often void of moisture. Similarly, any moisture in the wintertime is often evaporated every time you light the fireplace or when the furnace kicks in. If you cannot purchase a humidifier, place a pot of water to simmer on your stove. Alternatively, keep a cup or pot of water on your radiator or your baseboard heating. The water will evaporate through the day and continually add moisture into the air and help remedy your dry eye issues.
  • Keep Blinking: Make a point to blink often; especially when using a computer, watching TV or reading a book. Blinking helps to naturally lubricate the eye surface.
  • Minimize Eye strain: Adjust your computer screen so that it is below eye level to help your eyes not have to open so wide. When your computer is raised above eye level, your eyes have to be open wider for viewing.
  • Stop Smoking: Quit smoking and avoid being around acrid smoke.

Close-Up Dry Eye


Special Homeopathic Remedy for Dry Eyes

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ConjunctAClear - natural remedy for dry eyes



Preventative Methods

For those worried about extensive use of contact lenses causing irritation, it may be beneficial to alternate between wearing eyeglasses and using contacts, while particularly windy weather causing dry eye can be averted with regular use of sunglasses to reduce temporary effects of the condition. Overall, good hydration levels by drinking plenty of water and less coffee or tea, alongside correctly controlling humidity in your immediate environment should ease the majority of symptoms.


Watch this video for some excellent tips for dealing with dry eyes.


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