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Asthmatic bronchitis is a condition in which the bronchioles are easily inflamed by allergens from the environment.

The bronchioles are tubes that branch from the trachea; they are two in number and enter into each of the lung. When inflamed, they cause difficulty in breathing.

Read on to understand asthma home remedies (further reading here) as well as other things about the diseases that you need to know about.


Some of the symptoms of asthma are common among other respiratory diseases. However, asthmatic bronchitis is easier to identify since its symptoms are observed from an early age; it is often inherited. Consequently, one of the easiest way to diagnose it, is using family history.

Asthma symptoms include difficulty in breath as during an attack the bronchioles are filled with mucus. Depending on the potency of the allergen, a lot of mucus is produced that leads to acute bronchitis, which can lead to death if urgent measures are not taken. Less potent allergens may exhibit symptoms like coughing, watery eyes, head aches and chest pain.


Bronchial Asthmatic Home Remedies

Environmental remedies

This condition is as old as humanity itself; consequently, man has tried to come up with remedies to reduce its symptoms and severity. The first thing is to identify the allergen and eliminate or keep away from it. Common allergens include dust, flower pollen, some drugs, smoke, and some foods among others. Exercises especially those done under the care of a professional are useful in developing the airway muscles to be strong. Consequently, even if an attack occurs, the bronchioles will not collapse easily.


Internal remedies

On the inside, just like every one else,the patient should take a balanced diet. However, some foods are particularly useful in reducing symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis. Onions have been known to have expectorant characteristics thus helps to remove mucus from the airways. During and immediately after an attack, mustard oil mixed with camphor should be applied and massaged on the chest and back of the patient to relax the inflamed muscles. When taken on an empty stomach, turmeric helps to relax respiratory muscles thus preventing an attack.

A warm cup of ginger tea is helpful as ginger is a muscle relaxant as well as an expectorant. Regular coughing in an asthmatic bronchial attack can lead to dehydration. As such, regular re-hydration is vital; a cup of warm orange juice is recommended. You may have noticed that some of the internal remedies of this condition are rather bitter in taste; reduce this bitterness by adding natural honey.


Special Homeopathic Remedy for Asthmatic Bronchitis

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In Conclusion

it is important to see a doctor not only to diagnose a case of asthmatic bronchitis conclusively, but also to treat it following the recommended guidelines. Furthermore, they will give a list of asthmatic guidelines to help know the steps to take in case of an attack. Often, a patient lives with the disease for life; therefore, such a patient should learn as much as possible about the disease. In fact , it is often said the best care for life-long diseases can come from the patients themselves.



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