How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps – Tips and Tricks

If you have ever wondered how to get rid of those burning razor bumps that occur on your skin after shaving, you’re not alone. Razor burns or razor bumps as some people call them are a very common thing. Keep reading to learn some handy tips and home remedies to diminish the symptoms of razor burn.


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Both men and women have unwanted hair on some part of their bodies they may want to get rid of and using a razor is quite a popular method. Whether it’s getting rid of that beard, shaving the under arms, legs or other forms of body hair many people use this form of shaving.

Razor burn is a common condition which occurs mainly on men’s beards or women’s legs when they use the razor to shave. During shaving, one may cut themselves with the razor. These cuts allow bacteria to enter the skin eventually ending up in the deep hair follicles leading to infection. It may also be caused by continuous close shaving which traps small hairs beneath the skin resulting in inflammation. For someone who is a regular user of the razor, it is essential for them to have several remedies at their disposal in case they may need to take care of the condition.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

looking in mirror for shaving burnsPrevention is said to be better than cure and this case is no exception. There are several tips that are known to come in handy as far as how to prevent razor burns or bumps is concerned.

When you are about to use a razor to shave, you can wash your face using a facial scrub lotion so as to remove dead skin and bring out the hairs onto the surface for an easier shave. Getting a warm shower before the shave helps open up the pores thus facilitating a better shave.

It is recommended that one uses a new razor for this treatment as it is more efficient. Applying a shaving cream or gel over the area to be shaved and letting it stay over the area for a few minutes before the shave helps soften the hair and thus allows a cleaner shave.

Shave along the grain as opposed to against it to avoid skin irritation and be sure to use short strokes. Rinse the razor after every stroke to maintain efficiency. Upon completion of the shave you can wash the shaven area with cold water to clean off the remaining shaving cream and check if there is any missed spot. Finally apply moisturizing lotion to the skin to soften it. This is a sure way to help avoid burning.


Home Remedies for Razor Burns


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If by any chance one gets the burns, there are different treatment methods for ways on how to get rid of razor burns or bumps. One can rinse the area affected by the burn using cold water that is mixed with witch hazel astringent. There are some over the counter medications and creams which can also be applied to the affected area. It is advised that one seeks advice from a physician or dermatologist regarding their skin condition so as to get a prescription treatments for their razor burns.

This is a common occurrence especially in people who are fond of shaving with razors so these tips should be some good news to them. Also, you might like to see our home remedies for all kinds of burns.


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