Treating a Hangover with Natural Remedies



Several natural remedies are available for those suffering from a nasty hangover. No matter how you usually deal with one, you are likely to be surprised by some of these creative approaches to reducing a hangover’s effects.

Did you know that some of the best natural remedies include lemons, miso soup, omega 3, bananas, wasabi, and even basic yoga? All of these contain different elements that can really help lessen the effects of that hangover.


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In addition to these remedies, almonds can be a great source of relief when it comes to hangovers. Surprising?

Those who eat five or six before a night of drinking alcohol find that it really curbs the effects of intoxication. The reason is that these nuts are full of nutrients, which one often loses after consuming alcohol. So next time you plan on going out, be sure to stop by the store for a package of raw almonds and keep them close at hand.


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  1. The wasabi is a bit scary….what if you had a cut. That would really burn. I do like the lemons though…Either way, the best way not to have a hangover is to not drink at all or just a little. I know too many alcoholics and they never can quit.

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    • I agree, I gave up alcohol years ago, the best decision I ever made! Alcohol is poison.

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