Vitamins and Minerals for Bodybuilders


Vitamins for Bodybuilding.


Bodybuilders are often obsessed with taking supplements and with getting more protein or more energy out of powders, tablets and other concoctions.

Often these work well to enhance their training and their eventual ‘gains’ which is why they are still so popular.

However, while they often are very useful, they are also expensive and certainly not ‘necessary’ to see improvement. On the other hand, the more basic forms of supplement – such as vitamins and minerals – are actually much more of a serious requirement and much more affordable too. Here we will look at some of the ways in which various vitamins and minerals can help bodybuilders and just why it’s so important to spend the very meager amount of money on ensuring you get enough.

Important Natural Bodybuilding Supplements







Calcium is highly important for strong and healthy bones and this becomes even more important when you bodybuild as your bones are required to take such heavy loads for repetitive movements. At the same time though, calcium also strengthens your connective tissue such as your tendons and your ligaments which means it can help to increase the strength of your contractions thus enabling you to lift more as well.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C doesn’t directly effect bodybuilding, but it does strengthen your immune system thus helping you to fight off bugs and potential diseases. This is actually a very important bodybuilding supplement as it can ensure that you aren’t taken out of action and forced to sit out on the side lines when you should be in the gym working hard. This is all the more important as working out itself will also take a toll on your immune system by giving it work to do in repairing and growing your muscle which means you’re already more susceptible for viruses. It also means that you have the energy you need to train hard while you are working out and not to take the easy options.


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has a number of very important roles in the human body and is crucial for maintaining nerve health and brain function. On top of these things though it is also very crucial for helping us to get energy from carbohydrates which means that consuming vitamin B6 can act as a great energy supplement and help you to get more from your training.



Iron helps you to lift iron because it is the main ingredient in red blood cells. This means it is necessary to let you carry oxygen around your body which in turn makes it crucial for providing you with continuous energy. If you are constantly panting on the treadmill then supplementing with iron may just help.



Potassium can help us to balance the electrolytes in our body and thus avoid cramping in our muscles. This is very important in the gym as a cramp at a bad time could conceivably otherwise cause you to drop a weight and injure yourself. Furthermore, if you are using creatine then you increase your chances of cramp due to water retention so potassium because even more useful.



Among its many other benefits magnesium is useful in the production of testosterone along with zinc. Testosterone is a male anabolic hormone that causes the body to produce more muscle and to burn more fat, and in other words it will help you to quickly achieve an athletic shape much more effectively.


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