The Skincare Benefits of Going Vegan


Did you know Ellen is a Vegan?

If dull, dry, blemished skin is weighing you down, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your lifestyle and not just the products you use.

For years and years I was alternating my skincare products trying to find that elusive trifecta of perfect; the perfect cleanser, the perfect moisturizer and the perfect concealer. Turns out, I had been wasting my time. Not only was I wasting my hard earned cash, but many of the products I used didn’t actually make a difference to the quality of my skin.

In 2008 I was put on an elimination diet in an effort to discover the food allergy that had been making me feel sick for a solid two years. During this process I tested the waters of Veganism. It didn’t take long for me to adjust to this lifestyle, especially once I noticed how clear and bright my skin began to look.

Blemishes and dry patches disappeared and my tone evened out. Turns out, the foods I was eating were the cause behind my lack-lustre skin. Still not a believer? Read on!


The Fountain of Youth


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Everyone wants wrinkle-free radiant skin and many spend a lot of money to get it. One of the skincare benefits of going vegan is it turns back the time on your skin. Many foods in the vegan diet naturally enhance your collagen production and protect your current collagen levels. For those of you that don’t know, collagen is responsible for your skins elasticity.

Some great collagen-boosting vegan foods contain high levels of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits may be the obvious choice, but did you know that chilies and potatoes are also great sources? Eating these Vitamin-C enriched foods raw makes them even more potent.

Another great youth-enhancing option is foods rich in Lysine. Lentils, beans, nuts and peas are vegan staples that are lysine-rich and great collagen stimulators.


Radiantly Clear Skin


Many people believe that tanned skin gives the illusion of healthy, radiant skin. What they don’t realize is that tanning can cause sunspots, break down your skins natural elasticity and worst of all, cause skin cancer. Luckily for vegans, our diet is rich in beta-carotene which enhances our skin from the inside, out!

Beta-carotene is Mother Nature’s organic pigment. Most commonly found in orange-hued foods like apricots, carrots, mangoes, they are also readily available in foods like kale and spinach. Add these foods to your diet and you will soon reap the skincare rewards!


Smooth, Supple Skin

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are great for keeping your skin nourished and ‘meatatarians’ get these from fish oils. Vegans rely on nuts, seeds and soybeans instead and avoid any potentially harmful chemicals found in the fish; like mercury.

By sprinkling our salads and casseroles with nuts, seeds, flax and walnut oils we are ingesting enough essential fatty acids to retain the moisture in our skin and combat damage-causing free radicals.

Though the thought of swapping over to veganism may sound tough, the benefits make it more than worth it. Cutting out drug and hormone-rich foods and all those saturated fats will have your skin singing your praises in no time at all. You’ll likely even notice a positive change in your mid-section! Now how’s that for a win-win situation!

Have you made the swap and noticed any other skincare benefits of going Vegan? If so, be sure to comment below and share with our fellow readers!


Author: Vanessa is a skincare blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things skincare, from reviews on products such as LifeCell cream to handy DIY tips and tricks, she helps her readers to look and feel their very best!


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Author: Vanessa Roberts

Vanessa is a skincare blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things skincare, from reviews on health products to handy DIY tips and tricks, she helps her readers to look and feel their very best!

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