A Few Air Travel Beauty Tips for Looking Your Best After A Long Flight

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With today’s security procedures during flights, it might seem impossible to prepare to look your best while in-flight and that’s why we have created this article to provide some great air travel beauty tips.

Gone are the days are the times when you could bring your lipstick, mascara and entire makeup bag along with you for the ride.

What has replaced this policy is a new limited one, where you can only bring up to 3oz sized liquids, as long as they fit in a 1-quart clear plastic bag.

Anything that doesn’t fit and close, must be checked into baggage. There are also some restrictions on the kind of makeup you can bring along with you.

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Avoid Looking Disheveled with These Air Travel Beauty Tips

Basically, no glosses. Things like pencils, lipsticks, mascara and powders are all allowed, actually. Best of all, many of these are easily fit into the 1-quart bag if you get travel sizes. So with that in mind, there are a few good travel beauty tips you can follow for great travel looks at the end of a long flight:


Quick Makeup Tips

  • Leave to the airport with leave-in conditioner in your hair. Wrap it up in something like a scarf and you’ll get deep treatment all while flying to your destination, and it will also help fight off the dry-air affect from a flight. This is vital if you suffer from dry itchy scalp.
  • Bring with you a makeup corrector stick, which is designed for small blotches. This is great for hiding the bags under your eyes from a long, sleepless flight.
  • Since you really can’t bring liquid mascara, do your best with cake mascara. This is one of the pretty makeup tips that is a little more costly, but it works rather well and can truly make you look your best on flight.
  • You may not have ever thought of this on your own, but hair powder (like dry shampoo) helps combat oily scalp or limp hair and is very useful on flight.


Closing Thoughts

Honestly, there are plenty more, but these are three really helpful air travel beauty tips that truly make a difference on flight. There are many other things you can do aboard, you just have to be willing to get creative.

Another VERY IMPORTANT air travel beauty tip is to always leave yourself plenty of extra room between the arrival of the flight and your next engagement. This might not be as big of an issue if you are landing for pleasure, but if it is business reserve yourself a good chunk of time to get yourself a nap in and then some real time to get your look back in order.

Heck, you can even spring for a hotel near the airport just for an evening and get a good sleep, make yourself look great, and continue on with your business.

As you can see, traveling doesn’t have to be a major deterrent to beauty, as long as you plan ahead and get a little creative along the way.

Sources: The London School Of Beauty And Makeup offered great advice when it comes to the best travel beauty tips for flying and is a premier leader in makeup courses for the industry.



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