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A Brief Look Into How Holistic Medicine Came To Be

When looking at the history of medicine, it becomes quite apparent that even though some of the treatments were efficient, the knowledge available on how health is to be measured were quite limited.

For many years, it was believed that physical health was the sole aspect worth looking into and that a person was only as healthy as they felt. Throughout time however, as new fields of study in medicine arose (mainly psychology), it became quite apparent that health was not only physical, but also psychological.

As researchers kept on looking into the problem various new concepts and theories in regards to medicine were developed, and today most believe that there are five different dimensions to health: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. This contributed to many experts in the medical field steering themselves away from pharmaceutical drugs in favor of some type of developing some type of alternative medicine. As a result, the concept of Holistic Medicine was made popular, although some cultures have been making use of it for generations already.



An Overview Of the Holistic Approach


Holistic-health balance

Holistic-health balance


So what precisely is holistic medicine? Well, there are various methods by which a person can be treated. For example, the most common method of treatment to which many people have become so used to over the years consists of tampering with the brain’s chemical processes through a controlled intake of certain substances. This can be best referred to as the pharmaceutical way of healing people.

Seeing as how holistic medicine is based on the belief that there are numerous dimensions of health, the treatment methods found within are quite varied, although they all have one thing in common: they are natural. Indeed, the whole goal of the concept of the holistic approach is to provide people with some kind of healthier and safer alternative to solving their problems rather than having to chomp down harmful pills.


A Look Into The Treatments Encompassed By Holistic Medicine

Before looking into the various health practices and treatment methods which are commonly recommended by holistic medicine experts, it is important to keep in mind that this is alternative medicine and not much research has been performed on it yet. While many people have reported success using holistic treatment methods, the only studies which undeniably confirm their efficiency do so with the help of the placebo effect. In other words, holistic treatments aren’t officially guaranteed to work, although it is necessary to remember that the concept of holistic health is a widely-shared view in the medical community.

In any case, some of the treatments promoted by holistic medicine include maintaining a regular exercise regime, following a natural and properly balanced diet, various herbal remedies, relaxation techniques, meditation sessions, acupuncture, massage therapy, sound therapy, breathing regulation, and even psycho-spiritual counseling.


What Does Holistic Medicine Actually Do?

Well, in order to determine if holistic medicine can indeed be effective it is necessary to explore the way in which the suggested treatments function. Upon doing a bit of research, it becomes apparent that most of the recommended treatments are based around relaxation of the mind and the body through natural exercises, techniques, as well as herbal remedies. Seeing as how stress has already been identified as the cause of various psychological and physical illnesses, such as panic attacks and random aches, it is only logical that reducing it will positively affect the body as well as the mind.

However, the many illnesses which exist in our world need more than a bit of relaxation in order to be fought off, and holistic medicine takes that into account. One of the greatest protections we have against illnesses is our immune system, although it cannot function properly if the body doesn’t receive all the nutrients it requires. As such, apart from relaxing the body and restoring a proper energetic flow, alternative medicine treatments also aim to provide the body with all the nutrients it requires in order to function efficiently, making for a strong and capable immune system which can fend off virtually any attack against the body.


Incorporating It Into Home Remedies

One of the greatest advantages of alternative medicine is that it is completely feasible to try and treat yourself with it using home remedies. There is no danger of anything bad happening really, with the only exception being an allergic reaction to some kind of herbal ingredient. While it is true that some of the treatments, such as acupuncture, cannot be really turned into home remedies, the simpler ones can easily be done by anyone with a bit of time and most importantly, dedication. These home-ready treatments include:

  • Going on a natural diet
  • Practice breathing techniques
  • Drinking herbal remedies
  • Putting into place an exercising schedule
  • Using it for athletic training:



Is Holistic Medicine Effective?

As was mentioned earlier, if what you are looking for is scientific evidence, then you will be disappointed as reliable studies on holistic medicine are very scarce. However, those who make use of it tend to report positive results. For example, various addiction therapists claim that when using alternative medicine treatments the recovery rate for their patients goes up.

When looking at it from a purely logical perspective, the treatment methods used in holistic medicine are indeed helpful as they help to balance you mentally and physically be completely relaxing you and providing your body with all the necessary nutrients.

As such, it can be said that alternative medicine helps to bring your body and your mind into a healthy state, and if that doesn’t contribute to warding off diseases and illnesses, then nothing will. It should however be mention that those who suffer from major illnesses, such as cancer for example, should not discontinue their regular treatment in favor of something holistic, but rather use both in conjunction. All in all, in the following years there will probably be many scientific studies performed in order to find out whether or not there is a future for holistic medicine, at which point we will get a final and definite answer.


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