The History of Holistic Home Remedies

ancient chinese healer


Natural or holistic health methods have become the main way to get rid of a certain illness or skin conditions, but these types of home remedies are not just popular in this generation, as there were natural remedies a long time ago.

There are a huge amount of natural treatments out there such as homeopathic and herbal remedy options. All of these kinds of remedies are known for being natural cures to a variety of conditions.

Throughout the years, people have been creating new remedies that have proven to help a huge variety of people with their specific health ailments. We all know the regular chicken soup remedy to treat flu’s and colds, and while some people believe that it’s just another placebo effect, it was actually proven to be an actual treatment for colds and flu’s.

Hamlin's_Wizard_Oil_old home remedies poster

Hamlin’s_Wizard_Oil_old home remedies poster


Mankind has actually be treating his own wounds and illnesses with natural methods for ions, as there was absolutely no such thing as medication and doctors back in the ages. For thousands of years, humans have been creating new ways to treat the old fashion colds, wounds, skin conditions, and even severe illnesses.

People then found those cures in a form of rocks, plants, animals, fire, smoke, the moon, and also the sun. However, now we have found different ways to build the modern pharmaceuticals that allow us to seek guidance without having to find those items.

Homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies have been created and used by people for thousands of years, and those treatments were the only thing humans looked to for help, unlike now, everything can be found in a pharmacy.


Why Drug Companies Launched A Campaign Against Home Remedies.

During the early eighties, drug companies launched a campaign against home remedies, as people started to see how these homeopathic remedies were just as effective if not more effective than the medication they were selling. People also figured out that it was much safer for them to fix their ailments through the help of a natural cure instead of using a medication (which often included unhealthy side-effects) to the human body. Drug companies felt threatened by home remedies, so they then started to create campaigns against them stating that the success rate for these natural treatment options were just based on the placebo effect.


How Home Treatments Have Become Popular Again.

A few years after listening to the drug companies campaigns against alternative health treatments, people started to  stop listening and they once again became popular. People forgot about those campaigns, and started to see how effective natural remedies were again. However, some people just kept using the medication sold at pharmacies. The drug companies realized they were fighting a losing battle and it was better to spend their money promoting their own pharmaceutical products and thus stopped their malicious campaign against home remedies. Today many forms of alternative medicines including home remedies are thriving.


The Reason To Why It’s Better To Do Home Treatments Than To Take Medication.

The main reason why it’s better to use homeopathic remedies instead of taking conventional medication is that these remedies don’t contain any chemicals, they are natural. Not like medication where they contain a huge amount of chemicals that are capable of harming your body system instead of helping it. It’s much healthier to use natural remedies instead of using medication. That is another reason why drug companies used to place campaigns against home remedies and those who created them, as they didn’t like the truth of their own products coming to the public attention.

Home treatments were done thousands of years ago, and people would pass those remedies on to their children until the people in this generation had their grandparents pass on the remedies to them. Home remedies are effective and have been used by people for thousands of years. That is another reason why you know they are effective, as such traditions would have surely died out if they were no good.


What Are Some Of The Strangest Home Remedies?

Ginger For Cough


raw ginger root

In ancient China, people would use fresh ginger to get rid of colds, flu’s, and coughs, and according to plenty of studies, it really does work. Ginger eliminates the mucus that causes the throat to attain phlegm. People now may not want to eat fresh ginger, but if you want your sore throat or cold to go away quickly, then eating it fresh is the best possible remedy you can do. People in China would eat fresh ginger as if it was candy, allowing its juice to really spread around their throat. People that have eaten ginger for their cough have said that it really works and that it also soothes their throat as well.


Chocolate For Gum In The Hair

Whenever you have gotten gum stuck in your hair, the first thing that goes on in your mind is that you must cut your hair. However, according to certain studies, you don’t need to cut your hair when you have gum stuck in it, as chocolate is used as a remedy to take the gum out. All you need to do is apply one chocolate bar directly to the areas that have gum, and then after a couple minutes wash the hair with lukewarm water. While you’re rinsing your hair, you will notice how the gum will slowly disappear.


Vinegar To Eliminate Smell

For years, people would use vinegar to help absorb the funky smell that your home has. Smells like smoke, fish, and stains seem to be impossible to get rid of, but when you place a bowl of vinegar in the middle of your home, the smell will slowly, but surely be eliminated.


Potato For Sweat

Potatoes aren’t just delicious to eat, but they also help get rid of the sweat in your body. If you want to know how to stop sweating so much, then try potatoes. Just apply potatoes on those areas. Potatoes are well known for absorbing water fast, so by applying potatoes on the sweaty areas of your body, it will be able to absorb the water. However, make sure that you don’t eat the potatoes after you let it absorb your sweat, as you don’t want to eat your sweat.

 More weird and unusual home remedies here!



There are plenty of strange remedies that are actually very effective, and according to many resources, almost all of the natural cures out there are pretty strange. Home remedies are very effective and have been used by plenty of people for thousands of years. So, if you currently have an ailment that regular medication cannot cure, then don’t hesitate to try a couple of the home remedies.


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  1. You have provided a ton of great information on home remedies. It is great to know there are others out there who are choosing a more natural way of treating some things.

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    • Yes, natural remedies are definitely growing in popuarity these days, makes sense to me.

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  2. I remember those days when there was all that hype about how natural herbal remedies didn’t work. Seems these days the tables have turned!

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    • Certainly, there is a growing trend for natural treatment to compliment conventional medicines… see our article about just that here.

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  3. I really loathe the drug industry. They are constantly trying to discredit home remedies and natural healing techniques. I’m reading through your site and finding lots of great stuff.

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  4. Hi ~ Haven’t heard of using potatos to get rid of body sweat before. Thanks for the tips ~

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