The 7 Chakras Of The Human Body


For thousands of years people have studied the chakras.  It may even be possible to capture a photo of the chakras by using a Kirlian camera, which was developed by a scientist in Russia. A person’s aura can be seen by using Kirlian photography. Therefore it stands to reason that one may also be able to photograph the chakras.

Whenever we are not in balance and our chakras are closed, we feel cut off. Things don’t go well with us during those times. We are all made of energy, as is everything else, including the universe. Chakras spin like a wheel, hence the Sanskrit word chakra which means wheel.

When we are tired, out of sorts, feel like nothing is going right and we’re tired all the time, it might be because our chakras are either closed or out of balance. They must be open, clean and in balance.

Think of them as doorways which our energy flows. This includes mental as well as emotional and spiritual energy. Our emotions, our beliefs and spirituality all flow through the chakras. We can’t be whole if we are broken, which in effect is what we are if even one thing about us is out of balance.


chakras infographic

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