Could a glass of water help your diet?

Water before meals

Everyone is aware that obesity is a growing health problem in the United States. Many people are becoming obsessed with “get skinny quick” diet trends and revamping their entire lifestyle to lose weight and reach their body goals. But could  a key to weight loss be something as easy as incorporating a little extra water before meals?

A new study published in the health journal “Obesity” was tested by doctors at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. “The beauty of these findings is in the simplicity. Just drinking a pint of water, three times a day, before your main meals may help reduce your weight,” says Dr. Helen Parretti, of the University of Birmingham in the UK.

The team recruited 84 obese adults to their study and randomly assigned them to one of two groups. One group was required to consume 2 cups of tap water 30 minutes before every meal, every day for 12 weeks. The remaining participants (the control group) were instructed to diet as they normally would.

All participants received a weight management consultation at study baseline, in which they received advice on how to improve their diet and physical activity levels to give everyone a fair chance at weight loss.

Compared with the group that did not consume water before eating, participants who drank water prior to each main meal lost an average of 2.87 LBS more in weight. The water drinking subjects lost an average of 9.48 LBS over the 12-week period, while control subjects only lost an average of 1.76 LBS.

It is well established that water is essential for our health. It rids toxins from the body, transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulates body temperature and protects the body’s organs and tissues, among other functions. But an area where water is under credited in its aid to weight loss and how something as easy as 2 cups before a meal could make a significant difference. Not to mention that its a natural inexpensive alternative as opposed to spending more money on detox teas and shakes loaded with preservatives. So when you sit down before your next meal, maybe you should consider starting off with water and analyzing how much fuller you feel before eating.


Written by Charlie Marquez

Sourced from Medical News Today

Author: Charlie Marquez

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