Mouth Matters – Do You Know These Dental Facts?

Here are some interesting dental facts you might not know… Cheese is good for your teeth, some chocolate is too, and you won’t believe how many bacteria live in a single drop of spit–but wait, there’s more. Discover unusual dental facts on this new and fun infographic (but don’t forget to brush afterwards).

Dentists are fond of saying, “You only need to brush the teeth you want to keep.” With a third of surface area unavailable, except by flossing, it may be wise to do a little of that as well.

Find out the name of the second most common disease (right behind the common cold), and how much the average American family spends on dental care (more than for prescription drugs) and get the same formula for making your own toothpaste that the ancient Egyptians used.

All of that, and more, is handily contained in the “Mouth Matters” info-graphic on dental facts, created by someone who cares about your dental health. Read all about it. Then go tell someone: Brush up!

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Dental Facts Infographic


Dental Information Infographic

Do you want help reaching your goals? Are you concerned about your health, and do you care about the planet Earth?

You will find a friend in Lane Goodberry. Wellness, dental facts, and entrepreneurship are Lane’s specialties.


Author: Lane Goodberry

Lane Goodberry focuses on health and nutrition issues. Wellness and entrepreneurship are Lane’s specialties.

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