Low Energy? – How A Mum Got Her Energy Back

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How my Energy Returned by Finding Time for Myself

Being a mother is wonderful. I adore my children and my family, I find great pleasure in everything I do in the home and I am in no hurry to return to work.

While many mothers’ often feel trapped and miss working for a living I have found I relish my role in the home. I am not old fashioned in the slightest but I feel happiest when I spend time teaching and playing with my two young girls and coming up with new meals in the kitchen.

Spend time on yourself:


Lack of Energy Left me Feeling Low

Although I love my role in life right now I have noticed that I have very little time to myself. Once the girls are in bed I spend time with my husband, tidy up, walk the dogs and before I know it I am fast asleep, often before 9.30 at night. The following day I will awake at 7am and the whole routine starts again. I found myself suffering with fatigue when the girls were about a year and a half. I think all the broken nights and my busy schedule left me feeling zapped of life and very having very low energy levels.

Rather than simply accept that I was going to be tired for the next few years I decided to take some action. I took a look at my life and decided I needed to make some changes. I was putting all my energy into the girls, my husband and my pets, and there was no time left for myself.  I was getting constant headaches and feeling stressed way too often. I knew that this needed to change else I would be heading for a bit of a breakdown.  So I sat down and decided on how and where to make the necessary changes to help improve my energy levels and to look after myself more than I had been.


Reducing Sugar from My Diet

The first change I made was in my diet. I was snacking a hell of a lot in the daytime. My girls like to eat little and often and rather than preparing myself a lunch I would simply snack on some food in the cupboards each time I entered the kitchen. I decided to get rid of all sugary foods and replace them with fruit, yoghurts and nuts. This was so I would be able to avoid the inevitable sugar crash that would follow and leave me feeling tired and drained. I also invested some time in learning about how I could include some medicinal herbs into my diet and I found some that acted as great headache remedies.


One Day a Week Dedicated to Just Me

The second change I made was to give myself an hour a week of me time. I decided that I would need to leave the home in that hour in order to really make sure I relaxed and took time out. It’s far too easy to be distracted in the house.  My husband is great at distracting the girls but if I can still hear them I find I often get involved even if I don’t need to.

I decided to enroll in a yoga class in my hour a week of me time. This was so I would be able to gain the health benefits, help to reduce my stress levels, improve my body tone and of course to simply get out of the house on my own.  I was nervous to start with especially as I had not exercised in years but I quickly discovered my level of fitness and it has gradually improved. I certainly feel a lot more energetic and the time away from the house is needed, even though I love my home and my family.

Those two simple changes in my lifestyle has helped me no end. Without the sugar crashes and with the stress reducing yoga I feel so much more energized. My figure is gradually improving too and that has helped my confidence grow. I love my life and I love having the energy to enjoy every minute with my family.

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Author: Mary Thompson

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